Nick Jr. Face Practices the Opposites

Hi! Face Here!

And I'm thinkiing of words, there are opposites!

Hello, Goodbye!

Wet, Dry!

Open, Close!

Fast, Slow!

Up, Down!

Smile, Frown!

Left, Right!

Dark, Light!

Stay Tuned, cause the next show is about to start, on Nick Jr!

(Trumpets, Giggles)

Nick Jr. Face Makes Spin Art

Nick Jr. Face the Washing Machine (Pink Panther Version)

Nick Jr. Face Makes Sheep Sounds

Nick Jr. Face Sings Dora the Explorer

Nick Jr. Face In The Jungle (Version 1)

Nick Jr. Face In The Jungle (Version 2)

Nick Jr. Face Makes Bird Sounds (Dora the Explorer Version)

Nick Jr. Face Hears A Sound (Bing the Bird Can Sing Version)

Nick Jr. Face the Lion (Short Version)

Nick Jr. Face Announces To Closing Theme

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