FACTIONS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM-a sci-fi universe by Newmarduk

The factions include: the seven Royal Houses of Corrino, Atreides, Hawkwood, Decados, Hazat, Lihalan, and al-Malik, the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun, certain private corporations (Bauhaus, Capital Corporation, Imperial Corporation, Minshima, and Morgan Industries), the Neosapiens (a blue-skinned race of humanoid clones), the Spartan Federation (a nation/society based upon the Spartan of ancient Greece), the Empire of Rokugan (a nation patterned after that of ancient Japan), the Cylons (a faction/nation composed of rogue A.I. computers and robots), the United Pirate Clans (composed of space-based pirates that often raid other factions), the Lord's Believers (a Christian sect and rivals of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun and Buddhislam), the Borg (a faction of human and Neosapien cyborgs who are linked to a collective consiousness), Buddhislam (a religious sect combining Islam and Buddhism), and the Sun Kings (rulers of the planet Mercury).


The seven Royal Houses politically dominate Earth. House Hazat controls South America and parts of the Caribbean, North America, and Africa. House Hawkwood controls the eastern portion of North America and part of western Europe. House Atreides controls the northwestern portion of North America, some Pacific islands, Australia, and New Zealand. House Corrino controls eastern Europe and part of Russia. House Decados controls part of Russia and Siberia plus a portion of central Asia. House Lihalan controls eastern Asia and parts of Siberia and the Pacific islands. House al-Malik dominates the Middle East and those portions of Asia and Africa not dominated by other Royal Houses. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun, the Lord's Believers, and Buddhislam are all powerful religions on Earth. The nobles of Houses Hazat, Hawkwood, Decados, Atreides, Corrino, and Lihalan all favor the Universal Church, while House al-Malik favors Buddhislam.


Bauhaus-involved in the manufacture of robots, computers, and cybernetic body parts; and the cloning of humans, Neosapiens, and chimeras (human-animal hybrids); 59% of the shares of this corporation are owned by the seven Earth-based Royal Houses; 31% of the shares are owned by the Sun Kings of Mercury. 10% of Bauhaus shares are owned by religious sects, including the Universal Church of The Celestial Sun, the Lord's Believers, and the Buddhislamic sect.

Capital Corporation-involved in the business of hiring out military mercenaries and bounty hunters; also involved in hiring out personnel to work for the Earth-based Royal Houses, Sun Kings of Mercury, and Mars-based Empire of Rokugan as employees on public-works projects and as civil-service bureaucrats. 44% of the corporate shares are owned by the Earth-based Royal Houses, 43% by the Mercury Sun Kings, and 13% by the Imperial government of Rokugan.

Imperial Corporation-this controls much of the commerce and industry taking place within the borders of the Empire of Rokugan; 50% percent of the shares are owned by the Imperial government; 42% privately owned by clans of Rokugan nobles; and 8% by religious authorities, mainly the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun and the Lord's Believers.

Minshima-this corporation is heavily involved in the manufacture of spacecraft, space stations,aeriual vehicles, ground vehicles, and aquatic vehicles, gravity-control technology, and the manufacture, distribution, and operation of communications media including television, radio, computer networks, interplanetary communications, telecommunications, and the entertainment industry. 74% of Minshima's shares are owned by the Imperial government and noble clans of Rokugan and by the Earth-based House Lihalan. 26% of the coporate shares are owned by religious groups, particularly the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun and Buddhislamic leaders.

Morgan Industries-this coporation is involved in the manufacture of robots, computers, cybernetic body parts, spacecraft, and gravity-control tech. It is also involved in communications media and the entertainment industry. It is a corporate rival of Bauhaus and Minshima. It's corporate shares are owned by the Mercurian Sun Kings and the Earth-based Houses Decados, Corrino, Atreides, and al-Malik.


this planet's population is mainly underground. It is ruled by human and occasionally Neosapien nobles called the Sun Kings who rule through a ruling body called the Mercurian Senate, whose membership is hereditary, either passing to a living relative or a clone of the deceased member. Mercury's economy is largely based upon mining. The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun is the srrongest religion on Mercury.


This planet has long since beem terraformed to Earth-like conditions thanks to a joint project by the Sun Kings of Mercury and corporate scientists working for Bauhaus. Although the Sun Kings and Bauhaus nominally have joint ownership of the second planet from the local Sun, the Spartan Federation, the Cylons, the Borg, and the United Pirate Clans have all claimed portiions of Venus, and the military forces of the Sun Kings, corporate security forces of Bauhaus, and mercenaries leased out from Capital Corporation fight against these rogue factions, though it is very difficult to completely oust them from Venus.


Earth's moon is governed by various factions including Houses Hawkwood, Decados, and Hazat; the Spartan Federation, the Borg, and the Cylons. There are also corporate enclaves controlled by Bauhaus, Minshima, and Morgan Industries and religious colonies dominated by the Universal Church, the Lord's Believers, and Buddhislam.


The fourth planet from the local Sun has long since been terraformed to Earth-like conditions thanks to aid from the Sun Kings of Mercury and the corporation of Bauhaus, but in more recent history the population of Mars rose up to overthrow the Sun King-Bauhaus local regime, renamed the planet Rokugan, and established an Imperial system of government in which central rule is jointly vested in an Emperor ruling with the aid of noble clans, which are invariably human, mostly natural-born but occasionally clones. Two corporations-Imperial Corporation and Minshima-dominate the economy of Rokugan. Rokugan also control's it's own two moons. Phobos is a military base while Deimos is a prison world. The noble clans of Rokugan include the Lion, Crab, Crane, Mantis, Scorpion, Dragon, Phoenix, and Unicorn clans, with the ruling Emperor generally being the head of the Lion Clan. The two dominate religions of Rokugan are the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun and the Lord's Believers, with the Lion, Crab, Crane, Scorpion, and Dragon clans favoring the Universal Church while the Mantis, Phoenix, and Unicorn clans favoring the Christianity of the Lord's Believers.


The Main Belt-the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter-is the site of a mining industry operated by Minshima and Morgan Industries as separate enterprises. The United Pirate Clans, the Empire of Rokugan, the Cylons, and the Borg are all also active in this asteroid belt. There is also a few religious colonies, predomonately Buddhislamic. The dwarf planet of Ceres is governed by Rokugan's Mantis Clan on behalf of the Empire of Rokugan.


The moons of the gas giant planet of Jupiter, the sixth planet from the local Sun (if one includes the dwarf planet Ceres in the Main Belt as a "true" planet), are mostly controlled by the Cylons and the Borg, but the Jovian moon of Ganymede is home to an independent colony of Neosapiens who live there with the cooperation of the Cylons and the Borg. The atmosphere of Jupiter is home to a few flying cities that stay afloat with gravity-control technology. These Jovian "sky cities" are controlled by the Empire of Rokugan (and administered by the Lion, Mantis and Unicorn clans), certain corporations (mainly Minshima, Imperial, and Bauhaus), or by religious communities affiliated with the Universal Church, Christians of the Lord's Believers sect, or Buddhislamists.


The Trojan asteroids in Jupiter's orbit and the Centaur asterois between the orbits of Saturn and Neptune are dominated by the United Pirate Clans, the Empire of Rokugan, certain corporations (mainly Minshima and Morgan Industries, concerned with mining of metals and minerals), and surprisingly the Sun Kings of Mercury and the Royal Houses of Earth (mostly Houses Hazat, Hawkwood, Decados, and Corrino).

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