Disclaimer:Faeviolet is not my character so stop asking!


Faeviolet is a minor character in L'espion Gitane, but an antagonist in Faery murder. She was a very reckless and influential leader, and was governor of Saiph island for some time. In Faery murder, she died and became an angry spirit with 'rabies'. She is implied to be from a warrior catgirl clan.

She died at the age of 32 in the year 1841 due to murder.

Among her abilities are a foul breath, which stuns her enemies. Fae is a very skilled swordfighter, and her spirit is nearly undefeatable. However, she can't abide half furry half catgirl mixtures.


Pur called Fae a nutcase, and that is very true. The latter is twisted, but a cunning leader. Fae was said to be a flirt and a heartbreaker.

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