In Alosian myths, Fairies of Ocsar are a group of spirits who are born from the fiery breathe of the goddess Faray. They are woman-like insect-sized spirits who dwell near places like fireplaces where frequently people go to adore the gods. When a chaste girl is very devoted to Faray, the fairies are really aroused, ans some fairies would run go to her flesh to reside inside her. The fairy transformed herself into an lightful eye who illuminates on the skin of the girl. It is like one day, after praying, a girl discovers she has a beautiful eye in her tigh or belly. The eye is very pleasant, and it shows the mysteries of the goddess to the girl. She, excited and seduced by the divine eye, continues her praying, now with more passion and devotion. It lets to more fairies entering her body, and if the girl is very devoted to Faray, she will have all her body covered by eyes after a month or two of continue praying. Finally, when her soul and body have been totally taken by fairies, a sacred flame reduces her to ashes, and she is born again from those ashes as a spirit of home, who brings blessing and miracles to the Alosian families in name of Faray.

Although alosian families love her daughters, if they discover one or two lightful eyes in the flesh of a girl, it is a decision of the girl if she wants to stop (if she is able to control the power of the sacred eyes), or if she wants to continue indefinitely praying, thing that can lead to her transformation into a spirit. If she was a teenege, and she says she wants to stop but she just can not, parents would program a quick wedding for her, as Faray and her fairies only considered sacred the virgins.

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