Fairy Magic is a tool found by MOTP that the GTT inherently has so that one can edit posts. It's probably the love of this that drove MOTP to like wikis so much.


Fairy Magic was intended for moderators of the GTT, especially Daniel to edit posts with offensive content that couldn't be cleared away with the GTT Purge.

MOTP discovered it by looking at the html of adding a page, which had &add; he tried in different letters, and found that "edit" was a legitimate command. Renamed Fairy Magic by TC, it let GTTians correct their mistakes, chat on one post, make Wild Goose Chases occur through time itself, along with various options.

Unfortunetly, When Daniel Came back, the edit feature was lost. However, it still thrives at a secret website, taking advantage of the GTT's in-built EDIT command.

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