The fourth of the Five Pillars of Hope proposed by Secretary General Designate Sanchez, the Towers were the first project that mobilized the Earth’s population and economy and focused on a common goal. The Faisal Towers are three orbital towers evenly spaced around Earth’s equator. They are anchored on one end in the planet’s mantle and on the other to asteroids in geosynchronous orbit. These Towers made space flight economical by enabling the swift and economical transport from the planet’s surface to orbit.

Completed in 2300 CE, they were used to launch the lunar colonies of 2306 CE and 2320 CE, the Mars colonies of 2328 CE, 2330 CE, and 2332CE, and the interstellar probes that discovered habitable planets around other stars in the late twenty-fourth century. The Sanchez Ring that connects the Towers was completed in 2345 CE in time for the four hundredth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

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