1989-03-05 - Episode 06 Faith, Hope and Anxiety


Tanya and Matt are sad because Harry cannot take them fishing due to a broken signal box. Harry says work before play and Stacy reminds them that everyone has important jobs. To cheer them up, she gives them a package with Mr. Conductor inside. He tells them about the conductor Thomas once left behind, which teaches the kids patience. {C}Thomas enjoys his new life on his branch line. One day however, Henry arrives late at the junction with Thomas' passengers and Thomas leaves in such a hurry that he forgets his guard. Thomas doesn't realise until he reaches a signal and is forced to wait for the guard to catch up on foot. Once he arrives, he has a drink and a rest. The signal drops and Thomas reaches Ffarquhar in record time.

Stacy reminds them not to let one bad thing ruin their day. But right after this, they notice the time and realize they won't go fishing. Mr. Conductor tells them that Thomas had the same dilemma.

Thomas wants to go fishing in a river, and is annoyed when the others say, "Engines don't go fishing". But he unknowingly gets the chance when the water column at the junction breaks down and his crew must use a bucket to pull water from the river to fill his tanks.

Thomas later develops a pain in his boiler because of a blocked feed pipe. Thomas is stopped in a siding as the driver summons an inspector and the Fat Controller. They look inside Thomas' tank and deduce that fish were collected in the bucket along with water. Thomas' crew fish them out with instruction from the Fat Controller and have a lunch of fish and chips. The Fat Controller asks if Thomas has learned his lesson and Thomas says that he has and that fishing is too uncomfortable.

After, he tells them to have faith in Harry and hope they can go fishing.

At that time 2245, 2346, 2359, Fido and Chick go to a room where they have no space at all- just an empty tiny space! 2346 and 2359 realize from the Hiawatha it's the No Room Room. They finally go to the Wind Room, where the wind is blowing very hard. So hard that Mrs. Foil, Spot the Chair, and some Schmuzzies are blowing around!

After Harry arrives, they go on the train to fix the signal and finally go fishing.

The four diesels finally get some food from each room and head off to their picnic for the very first time! They eat with Fido and his buddies and then play picnic games with Cleo and Tammy like kite flying and playing catch with Tammy!


Thomas Stories

Jukebox Band Segment Song

  • The Wabash Cannonball

Cartoons and Songs

  • Kite Song

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