What if Disney had used the Masterpiece music for the Coming to Video bumper in the 1999 VHS release of A Bug's Life, as well as other 1999-2000 videos, and some Mid 2000-2009 videos, just like it did for the first print of Pooh's Grand Adventure and the January 1999 VHS of The Rescuers? Then, it would be much better.

I've recorded the whole opening and the film onto VHS and made it to a digital file.

Here how the VHS opening should've been:

  1. Green Warnings (Late 90's)
  2. Green MPAA Screen
  3. Walt Disney Company Intro (with the Masterpiece music)
  4. The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad trailer
  5. Frozen trailer
  6. Alice in Wonderland trailer
  7. @Join us for a Special Preview"
  8. Tarzan behind the scenes sneak preview
  9. Geri's Game short
  10. Feature Presentation (1996)
  11. Green Format Screen
  12. THX logo
  13. Walt Disney Pictures logo (1995)
  14. Pixar logo
  15. Start of Film


  • (the 1997 Green Warnings screens play, and the MPAA screen plays as well. After that, the 1997 version of the Walt Disney Company intro starts off usual, with the 1990 WDP jingle)
  • Beau Weaver: (in the 1996 voice clip) From magical movies, to unforgettable adventures, from the thrill of a theater, to the confront of your home. (The Masterpiece music plays) You can always count on something new and exciting from Disney. Enjoy all the magical homes where these great Disney movies coming to video.
  • (the VHS trailer for The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad plays)
  • Mark Elliot: For it's 50th anniversary that Disney always open, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disney's 11th animated masterpiece, The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad! Now Avaliable on video for the first time ever!


  • mouse7p: This is FAKE!! The real one used the Classics music!!
    • Linny: Red the description! It says I recorded the opening I made and the film on VHS!! So, leave me alone!
  • SuperMalechi: I like this better.
    • Linny: Thanks.

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