FamilyChoice is a 24/7 Channel made for the US by Pikachufreak himself. Launched on September 7, 2009, it contains a variety of original shows, as well as reruns of several shows both animated and live-action. As of 2015, FamilyChoice airs reruns of animated Kids' WB/Disney shows on Weekdays, and a variety of live-action shows on the weekends.

List of Them

Original Animated Shows

  1. Sunny and Marie (2015)
  2. Sketch This! (2013)
  3. Fantasy Land (2014)
  4. Spy Teens (2014)

Animated Shows Broadcast in Reruns

  1. Accidentally Adventures
  2. Rumor Has It

Live Action Originals

  1. A Not So Ordinary Family (2014)
  2. Superpowers (2014)
  3. The Quest For Utopia (2015)
  4. Kate and Lily (2014)
  5. The Dark Side (2014)
  6. A Girl and Her Diary (2015)

Live Action Shows in Reruns

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