FamilyChoice (Teen Hearts) is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. This is what happens when the 2000-2004 Warner Bros. Animation series, Teen Hearts, is being broadcast.


  1. Alice Hoshida (Vyvan Pham)
  2. Hynden Starella Darling (Morgan Decker)
  3. Sandy Crowley (Grey DeLisle)
  4. Teddy Doyle (Tara Strong)
  5. Minnis Hiyung (Charlyne Yi)
  6. Isaac O'Connor (Scott Menville)
  7. Austin Till (P.J. Bryne)
  8. Chris Brobey (Jason Ritter)
  9. Georgy Williamson (Phil LaMarr)
  10. Georgia Vega (Erin Fitzgerald)
  11. Gabriela Harrison (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  12. Nicole Watson (Salli Saffioti)
  13. Melina Atoms (Jonquil Goode)
  14. Sally Darling (Amy Poehler)
  15. Gregory Darling (Dee Bradley Baker)


Season 1

  1. First Day of An Adventure
  2. Star Struck Incidents
  3. Faith In Georgia
  4. Clash of The Food Fights
  5. When Will It Happen?
  6. Halloween Hearts
  7. What A Foolish Jerk!
  8. A Coarse Predicament
  9. Minnis Gets A Gift
  10. It's All Thanks To You
  11. Isaac For Mayor
  12. Here's The Strike
  13. How I Met Your Neighbor

Season 2

  1. Gabriela Comes Over
  2. More Than The Cake
  3. Learn To Be Reliable
  4. Spilled Milkshakes
  5. Don't Break The Rules
  6. Cheering For Hynden
  7. A Reckless Chipmunk
  8. Time After Time
  9. Popping The Caps
  10. Laugh Out Loud!
  11. Fiddling The Drumsticks
  12. Teddy Gets Cramped
  13. Christmas Hearts

Season 3

  1. Lounge Dancers
  2. Frog Projects
  3. Knowing The Directions
  4. Four Weddings and A Party
  5. Double Danger
  6. Arisen From The Underground
  7. Get That Georgia!
  8. Principal Ferguson's Nightmare
  9. Matching The Shapes
  10. Wanted: Criminal In Need
  11. Stop This Fight, Please!
  12. Very Interesting Indeed
  13. Important Rehearsals

Season 4

  1. You're Finally Voted!
  2. Gabriela's Little Secret
  3. The Awful Stunt
  4. Liars and Losers
  5. Can't Get A Hike
  6. Hynden Gets Banned
  7. Wormholes
  8. The Mark of Alice
  9. Teetering Off The Edge
  10. Mutant Rabbits
  11. How Could This Be?!
  12. Weathering Heights
  13. Graduation Day

Production Companies

  • Warner Bros. Animation


  • The voices of all characters will be on Idea Wiki.
  • Gabriela is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.

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