Peter as Casey Jr.

Brian as Toots

Lois as Tillie

Glenn Quagmire as Tootle

Joe Swanson as Montana

Susie Swanson as Emma

Chris as Pufle

Blue-Haired Lawyer (from The Simpsons Guy) as Ivor

Cleveland as Jebediah

Meg as Georgia

Tom Tucker as Pete

Carter Pewterschmidt as Farnsworth

Mort Goldman as Alfred

Jillian as Melissa

Derek Wilcox as Tom Jerry

The Bull as Blue

The Fat Person as Greendale Rocket

Dr. Hartman as Johnny

Ryan as Doc

Charles Yamamoto as Jacob Pneumatic

Squeaky Voiced Teen (from The Simpsons Guy) as Huey

Stewie as Silver Fish

Cleveland Jr. as Rasmus

Holt Ritcher (from The Cleveland Show) as Jason

Mickey McFinningan as Sir Reginald

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