Family Guy/Rupert are parodies featuring audio from Rupert and characters from Family Guy and the Cleveland Show.


  • Chris Griffin as Rupert Bear
  • Neil Goldman as Bill Badger
  • Meg Griffin as Tiger Lily
  • Glenn Quagmire as Algy Pug (Both are vain)
  • Cleveland Brown as Pong Ping
  • Peter Griffin as Rupert's Father
  • Lois Griffin as Rupert's Mother
  • John Herbert as The Wise Old Goat
  • Gabriel Friedman (from The Cleveland Show) as Edward Trunk
  • Mayor Adam West as Professor
  • Jake Tucker as Little Yum
  • Stewie Griffin as Billy Blizzard (Both are the main antagonists) 
  • Rallo Tubbs as Raggety (Both are stubborn and have names starting with "R")
  • Jillian Russell-Wilcox as Frances
  • Olivia Fuller as Ottoline Otter (Both have names starting with "O")
  • Diane Simmons as Mrs. McSwine (Both are rude)
  • Roberta Tubbs as Rika (Both have names starting with "R")
  • Tom Tucker as Uncle Grizzly
  • Brian and DeBrian Retton (from The Cleveland Show) as Freddy and Ferdie the Fox Brothers
  • Kang and Kodos (from The Simpsons) as The French Gangsters
  • Joe Swanson as Constable Growler (Both patrol Quahog and Nutwood)
  • Cleveland Brown, Jr. as Podgy Pig (Both are fat)
  • Ernie Krinklesac (from the Cleveland Show) as Gregory Guinea Pig
  • Muriel Goldman as Mrs. Badger
  • Brad (from the episode, Stewie B. Goode) as Toby Badger (Both are cute)
  • Death as Sir Guy (Both are evil)
  • Connie D'Amico as Rosalie Pig (Both are rude)

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