===Version 1 You can make a new one if you want, but please don't edit this.

  • Glenn Quagmire as SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Peter Griffin as Patrick Star (both are stupid, dumb, fat, and morons)
  • Joe Swanson as Squidward Tentacles
  • Chris Griffin as Mr. Krabs
  • Joan Quagmire as Sandy Cheeks
  • Lois Griffin as Mrs. Puff
  • Cleveland Brown as Harold "Bill" Reginald
  • Stewie Griffin as Sheldon "James" Plankton (both are tiny and evil)
  • Olivia Fuller as Pearl Krabs
  • Brian Griffin as Gary
  • Herbert as Old Man Jenkins
  • Meg Griffin as Mindy

And that was the real scratchpad.

Version 2 (by Akari's Facebook account)

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  • Peter as Spongebob
  • Lois as Patrick
  • Quagmire as Mindy
  • Brian as Mr.Krabs
  • Meg as Sandy
  • Joe as Gary
  • Stewie as Plankton
  • Evil Monkey as Robot Spongebob
  • The Yellow Chicken as Squidward
  • Bonnie as Spot
  • Herbert as Nancy
  • Chris as Mrs.Puff
  • Cleverland as Tom
  • Angela as King Neptunie
  • Bertman as Karen
  • Olivia as Pirate
  • Jillian as Pearl

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