Family Guy/Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a parody with Family Guy, Thomas and Friends and clips and Thomas and the Magic Railroad sound.


  • Peter as Thomas
  • Mort as Henry
  • Joe as Gordon
  • Quagmire as James
  • Chris as Percy
  • Cleveland as Toby
  • Death as Diesel 10
  • Bitch Stewie as Splatter
  • Bitch Brian as Dodge
  • Susie Swanson as Lady
  • Horace as Bertie
  • Seagull as Harold
  • Wendy Testaburger (From South Park) as Annie
  • Tammy Warner (From South Park) as Clarabel
  • The Mr. Men Characters as The Shining Time Station Characters:
  • Mr. Happy as Mr. Conductor
  • Mr. Tickle as Junior
  • Mr. Small as Patch
  • Mr. Grumpy as Billy Twofeathers
  • Little Miss Sunshine as Stacy Jones
  • Little Miss Chatterbox as Lilly
  • Mr. Clever as Burnett Stone
  • Mr. Rude as P.T Boomer

Version 2 (By Mason Hemphill)

  • Peter as Thomas
  • Adam West as Henry
  • Joe as Gordon
  • Quagmire as James
  • Chris as Percy
  • Cleveland as Toby
  • Bertram as Diesel 10
  • Cartman (From South Park) as Splatter
  • Butters (From South Park) as Dodge
  • Horace as Bertie
  • The Greased Up Deaf Guy as Harold
  • Carol as Annie
  • Joyce Kinney as Clarabel
  • Francine (from American Dad) as Lady

Michael Angelis will be doing the voice of James. However, Percy's voice will remain normal.

Guest Stars

  • Stan (from American Dad) as Mr Conductor
  • Roger (from American Dad) as Junior
  • Jeff (from American Dad) as Patch
  • Hayley (from American Dad) as Lily
  • Grandpa (from The Simpsons) as Burnett Stone
  • Lois (from Family Guy) as Stacey Jones
  • Bullock (from American Dad) as Billy Twofeathers
  • Santa's Little Helper (From The Simpsons) as Mutt
  • Marge (from The Simpsons) as Lily's Mother

The Cast:

  • Edward Glenn: Peter
  • Michael Angelis: Quagmire
  • Britt Allcroft: Francine

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