Family Guy: Live in Vegas is a soundtrack based on the TV series of the same name. It was released on CD this April 26, 2005 by Geffen Records.
Family Guy - Live In Las Vegas

CD Cover

Track List

  1. Fanfare and Intro
  2. Theme Song Extended
  3. Babysitting is a Bum Deal
  4. Dear Booze
  5. The "Q" Man Loves Nobody
  6. All Cartoons are F**kin' Dicks
  7. The Last Time I Saw Paris
  8. But Then I Met You
  9. T.V. Medley
  10. Puberty's Gonna Get Me
  11. But I'm Yours
  12. Slightly Out of Tune (aka Desafinado)
  13. One Boy
  14. Quahog Holiday
  15. Bow Music (Theme Music)


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