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Family Kids Next Door Operative is a Codename: Kids Next Door/Family Guy Parody Series. It is about an North American Kids Next Door Operative Numbuh 2/Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr., His wife an African-American Kids Next Door Operative Numbuh 5/Abigail Lincoln, His Teenage African-American daughter Cree Lincoln, His British son Trevor, His Blonde-Haired, Orange Hoodie-Wearing, Australian friend Numbuh 4/Wallabee Beatles and His Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed, Candy-Obessed, Monocle-Wearing German son Heinrich Von Marzipan, Who wanted to get revenge on Numbuh 5/Abigail Lincoln.


  • Numbuh 2 as Peter
  • Numbuh 5 as Lois
  • Cree Lincoln as Meg
  • Trevor as Chris
  • Numbuh 4 as Brian
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as Stewie


Season 1

  • Prick Up Your Ears
  • Heinrich Loves Abigail: Heinrich Von Marzipan is Annoyingly in love with Numbuh 5 (Aka Abigail Lincoln).
  • Road To Rhode Island
  • Road To Europe (KND Version)
  • Wallabee Sings & Swings
  • Patroit Games
  • Heinrich Kills Abigail(1): Heinrich Von Marzipan turns Evil and Killing Numbuh 5 (Aka Abigail Lincoln), But everyone thinks that Numbuh 2 (Aka Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr.) was the responsible for killing Numbuh 5 (Aka Abigail Lincoln), But Numbuh 5 (Aka Abigail Lincoln) was come back from the dead and she thinks it was Heinrich Von Marzipan was the murder of her.
  • Abigail Kills Heinrich(2): Numbuh 5 (Aka Abigail Lincoln) has to stop Heinrich Von Marzipan from taken over Pennsylvania.


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