Family Picnic is the sixth episode of Digimon Adventure 2.

The English Version is written by Howard Ashman, Adolph Green and Betty Comden.



Mrs. Inoue: Actually, it's only Two-Bean Salad today. I was out of the Third-Bean. That's an awful lot of food for one girl to have for lunch.

Dr. Frankenstein: I really need to find a way to get rid of those stinkin' DigiDestined.

Igor: Master! I think i have a way to get rid of those stinkin' DigiDestined.

Dr. Frankenstein: Excellent, Igor.

Dr. Frankenstein: There they are. Now you know the plan, Igor.

Igor: Yes Master.

Palmon: I thought you needed a vine.

Mimi: Oh...Palmon!!

Palmon: Mimi!

Yolei: Boy, for shouting out loud, they sure do sound like Alan Cumming. *Thinking* But i'll bet Joel Grey is an even better Master of Ceremonies than Alan Cumming. I'll bet he could sing even better with Liza Minnelli.

[Enter Yolei's Daydream]

(Song: Money, Money, Money from Cabaret)

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