Family Toons (SWAT Kats) is Pikachufreak's idea. It is where Family Toons, the Canadian TV Channel, airs SWAT Kats in Canada. Over twenty-four episodes of The Radical Squadron, sixty-five episodes of The Next Generation, fifty-two episodes of Elite Force and seventy-eight episodes of Revolution have been spanned altogether. Hanna Barbera Production distributes the Radical Squadron, and as of 2004, It's A Laugh Productions and Warner Bros. Animation distributes the following three spin-offs. Currently, the fourth season of SWAT Kats Revolution is airing.


From The Radical Squadron

  1. Chance Furlong/T-Bone (Charlie Adler)
  2. Jake Clawson/Razor (Barry Gordon)
  3. Deputy Callie Briggs (Tress MacNeille)
  4. Ann Gora (Candi Milo)
  5. Lieutenant Felina Feral (Lori Alan)
  6. Mayor Seymour Manx (Jim Cummings)
  7. Commander Ulysses Feral (Gary Owens, 1993-1994) (Tom Kenny,
  8. Dr. Abigail "Abby" Sinian (Linda Gary, 1993-1994) (Jocelyne Loewen,
  9. Cameraman Jonny K. (Mark Hamill)

From The Next Generation

  1. Lena Boyd/Scarlet (Jennifer Hale)
  2. Ruby Peterson/Amber (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  3. Deputy Oliver Parker (Brian Drummond)
  4. Flint Edwards (Dee Bradley Baker)
  5. Lieutenant Floyd Rogers (Matt Hill)
  6. Mayor Cara Wilson (Kari Wahlgren)
  7. Commander Dora Rogers (Kelly Sheridan)
  8. Dr. Burgh Miles (Daran Norris)
  9. Camerawoman Stacy Stewart (Nadine Rabinovitch)
  10. Olivia Briggs (Lara Jill Miller, at the age of 12)
  11. Burton Parker (Jason Marsden, at the age of 16)
  12. Lizzie Gora (Eden Sher, at the age of 8)
  13. Gilbert Edwards (Lainie Frasier, at the age of 4)
  14. Erin Feral/Lightning Jr. (Grey DeLisle-Griffin, at the age of 12)
  15. Jerald Rogers/Lightning Sr. (Yuri Lowenthal, at the age of 16)
  16. Marina Manx (Colleen O' Saughnessey, at the age of 12)
  17. Ronald Wilson (Richard Steven Horvitz, at the age of 16)
  18. Cousin Jennie Feral (Chantal Strand, at the age of 10)
  19. Cousin Norman Rogers (Jeff Bennett, at the age of 14)
  20. Millie Sinian (Kristen Schaal, at the age of 12)
  21. Rodrick Miles (Danny Cooksey, at the age of 16)
  22. Henrietta K. (Tania Gunadi, at the age of 12)
  23. Adam Stewart (Scott Menville, at the age of 16)

From Elite Force

  1. Principal Laura Wellington (Kathleen Barr, in a same tone as Miss Kiss-Kill-Ya from Detention)
  2. Chief Officer Tommy Barkley (Patrick Warburton)
  3. Professor Lance Calvin (Dale Wilson)

From Revolution

  1. Business Manager Madonna Harper (Melissa Joan Hart)
  2. Idol Star Chelsea Samson (Janice Kawaye)
  3. Japanese Tutor Kasumi Hanado (Nikki Yang)

List of The Radical Squadron Episodes

Season 1 (1993)

Season 2 (1994)

List of The Next Generation Episodes

Season 1 (2004-2005)

Season 2 (2005-2006)

Season 3 (2006-2007)

Season 4 (2007-2008)

List of Elite Force Episodes

Season 1 (2010-2011)

Season 2 (2011-2012)

List of Revolution Episodes

Season 1 (2013-2014)

Season 2 (2014-2015)

Season 3 (2015-2016)

Season 4 (2016-2017)

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