AKA: FamilyGhost aka Xenomorph666 aka FG aka JumpingRaptor aka the guy hiding in your closet...

How He Found GAJ

When asked how he found the site the question is uaually answered with how he found the current site, as he cannot remember how he found GAJ 1. He assumes he followed a link on the GTA:SA Boards on GameFaqs.

His Time Spent On GAJ

While a relatively quiet member of the boards, Familyghost can be riled to say a few words of commentary on variety of subjects. He usually says things in short abrupt sentences that can sometimes make no sense what so ever. When he isn't being quiet recluse though, he's often busy trying to keep up with movie and game reviews for the community, though he obviously prefers the move reviews where he can unleash his anger for certain movies in the form of a sub-personality/character named Wraith.

Familyghost has also posted a couple of fan fictions which he has written:

Personality Traits

  • Familyghost nears a level of paranoia, matched only by his insane love of all things cheese, among other numerous nerve wracking personality flaws. His lack of posting stems from the fear that he curses most topics into a doomed failure.
  • While it may not seem apparent Familyghost has an ego the size of the moon and twice as dense, as a result if any of his movie knowledge is challenged he will attack the argument with a rare barrage of scathing words and remarks (this also happens to be his response to movies which offend his senses).
  • Wraith is essence both a separate entity and a mental character developed to help control Familyghost's anger as a young teenager. He has since become a form of comic relief and mental companion.

Wraith: The Homicidal Maniac in His Head


Wraith started out as a mechanism for Familyghost's anger as a teen. As Familyghost grew older though, the anger diminished and the need would be assumed to be none, however; Familyghost had grown so attached and accustomed to the character that an almost fully developed personality had been engrained into his mind of how Wraith would behave, and thusly he says: "Wraith is my conscience."

The Wraith of today is not as he once was. He's no longer homicidal, at least not to the point of hunting people down. Instead he has become a lazy grizzled old ghost with no tolerance for stupidity (even from his own creator) and little care for people.

His appearances outside Familyghost's head are usually limited as Wraith is not subtle in any form. He has an act first think later type of mind set and usually puts his proverbial foot in his proverbial mouth (both of which he physically lacks). When he does appear it is usually in a controlled pre-thought out manner that Familyghost has planned before hand. On the rare occurrences he makes an unscheduled appearance tensions are usually high and Familyghost is usually running low on patience with those he considers to be idiots. Imagine the surprise on their faces when Wraith suddenly barrages them with a flurry of obscenities and slurs, only to see have Familyghost restrain and apologize for "the voice in my head."

When none of this is occurring Wraith is usually quietly chatting with Familyghost, pointing out stupid people and silently cursing his creator for not giving him any visible hands.

If Wraith is requested to speak things may take an ugly turn as the mental entity does not like being roused into true consciousness unless he has a reason. He usually finds a reason by aggravating people if he's awoken, for this reason Familyghost is resistant to actually talking about him in full detail.

What Users Think of Familyghost

  • A relatively quiet user, but still willing to put his opinion forward. A great reviewer, its always fun to read his posts. - Matt44au
  • Cheese makes him happy. I think. Great guy all around. griffinlancer

What Users Think of Wraith

  • "He made me do this..." ~ Familyghost
  • The kinda guy I can relate to. If he could go to a bar and drink, I would do that with him ^_^ - Matt44au
  • ...I can say something really nice, but Me no thinks the wraith deserves it. yet. At least to my knowledge...he's a nice guy...


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