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FanThomas and Percy Chum is a Thomas/Fanboy and Chum Chum Parody Series. It has got a video clips from Thomas and Friends, and the audio sounds from Fanboy & Chum Chum.


  • Thomas as Fanboy (FanThomas)
  • Percy as Chum Chum (Percy Chum)
  • Emily as Yo (Emilyo)
  • James as Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason (James Bloodworth-Thomason)
  • Mavis as Lupe (Mavise)
  • Molly as Cher Leader (Molly Leader)
  • Rosie as Nancy Pancy (Rosie Pancy)
  • Daisy as Francine (Daicine)
  • Duck as Michael Johnson (Duck Johnson)
  • Oliver as Duke (Oliduke)
  • Whiff as FanKyleChum (TomJamesPercy)
  • Stanley as Cheech
  • Dennis as Chris Chuggy (Dennis Chuggy)
  • Lady as Muk Muk (Lady Lady)
  • Diesel as Sigmund The Sorcerer (Diesel The Sorcerer)
  • Elizabeth as Marsha (Elizasha)
  • Madge as Oz's Mom (Henry's Mom)
  • Henry as Oz Harmounian (Henry Harmounian)
  • Gordon as Mr. Hank Mufflin (Mr. Gordon Mufflin)
  • Bertie as Dollar-Nator (Busenator)
  • Caroline as Julie-Android (Caroline-Android)
  • Boco as Man-Arctica (Diesel-Arctica)
  • Salty as Thorvald The Red (Salty The Red)
  • Edward as Agent Johnson (Agent Edward)
  • Toby as Fedora Man (Fedora Tram)
  • Flora as Nurse Lady Pam (Nurse Lady Flora)
  • Isobella as Madame LaVache/Ms. Olive (Madame Isobella LaVache/Ms. Isobella Olive)
  • Spencer as Professor Flan (Professor Engine)
  • Arry as Lenny Flynn-Boyle (Arry Flynn-Boyle)
  • Bert as Boog Shlizetti (Bert Shlizetti)
  • D261 as Janitor Russ Poopatine (Janitor The Diesel Poopatine)
  • Diesel 10 as The Global Warmer (The Diesel Warmer)


Season 1

  • WizEngine
  • Pick A Buffer
  • The Diesel Strikes Back
  • Truck Day
  • Trading Day (TTTE Version)
  • The Hard Sell (TTTE Version)
  • Tank Engine Cemetery
  • FanThomas Stinks
  • I, EngineBot
  • Jack Sick
  • Donkey Kong Chumps
  • Precious Warthog
  • FangThomas
  • Monster In The Mist (TTTE Version)
  • Whistle Drain
  • FanEngineFriend
  • Chicken Pox (TTTE Version)
  • Henrietta Dearest
  • SeaDiesel-ing Around
  • The Diesel's Apprentice
  • Excuse Me (TTTE Version)
  • Night Morning (TTTE Version)
  • Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth
  • Secret Steamroller
  • Prank Engine
  • Little Coal Of Horrors
  • Total Recall (TTTE Version)
  • Refill Madness (TTTE Version)
  • The Frosty Bus (TTTE Version)
  • The Tell-Tale Toy (TTTE Version)
  • Cold War (TTTE Version)
  • FanThomas In The Plastic Bubble
  • Diesel The Sorcerer
  • FanThomas A'Hoy!
  • Engine Vs Wild
  • The Incredible Shrinking FanThomas
  • Separation Anxiety (TTTE Version)
  • Strings Attached (TTTE Version)
  • The Book Report Of The DeRailed
  • Boco Arctica
  • Diesel-Arctica The Ride
  • Fan-Bidextrous (TTTE Version)
  • Saving Private Percy Percy
  • Jingle Fever (TTTE Version)
  • Eyes On The Prize (TTTE Version)
  • Battle Of The Sheds
  • Engine Of The Rings
  • The Incredible Percy
  • SeaDiesel Code
  • The Great Truck Mystery
  • A Shuntwork Orange
  • Freeze Tag (TTTE Version)

Season 2

  • I'm Diesel-Arctica!
  • No Toy Story (TTTE Version)
  • GameEngine
  • Crib Notes (TTTE Version)
  • Shedhouse Lock
  • Back From The Future (TTTE Version)
  • Whistle Or Scare
  • The Big Shunter
  • Present Not Accounted For (TTTE Version)
  • The Sword Of The Ditch
  • Whistle Freeze
  • Coal Day
  • Bert Zapper
  • Risky Business (TTTE Version)
  • Engines In The Shed
  • Smelters Yard Dream Vacation
  • Field Trip Of Horrors (TTTE Version)
  • There Will Be Shrieks (TTTE Version)
  • Igloo Of Irritation (TTTE Version)
  • HypnoHenrized
  • Bus-Romance
  • Rattleskunkupine (TTTE Version)
  • Bubble Trouble (TTTE Version)
  • Lucky Engines
  • The Last Butterfinger (TTTE Version)
  • Power Out (TTTE Version)
  • Dental Illness (TTTE Version)
  • Champ Of Kong
  • Lice Lice Baby (TTTE Version)
  • Get You Next Time (TTTE Version)
  • A Very Merry Christmas (TTTE Version)
  • Funny Face (TTTE Version)
  • Put The Coal Down!
  • Two Tickets To Paradise (TTTE Version)
  • The Winners (TTTE Version)
  • HexEngine Games
  • Speed Eraser (TTTE Version)
  • Steamies Vs Diesels
  • Buffer-Eating Aliens From Planet X
  • The Cold Rush (TTTE Version)
  • Camp-Arctica (TTTE Version)
  • Buddy Up (TTTE Version)
  • Normal Day (TTTE Version)
  • Microphonies (TTTE Version)
  • Freezy FreakEngines
  • Super Engines
  • Attack Of The Clones (TTTE Versions)
  • Secret Club (TTTE Version)

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