There are a number of ways that fans can show support for Blood Ties. Not everything will be possible for everyone to do but all efforts help so fans are asked to do what they can.

Give Blood for Blood Ties

the folks at Bloodlines came up with this one and it's a great way to support the show AND help the community. get the details on their site

Tell the PTBs about your love for the show

NEW ADDRESS: We finally got an email address for CHUM, the folks in Canada that ordered the show in the first place. If they see the love, they are the ones most likely to have the power to return us with a new production order. So send them the messages about how you watched every ep, love the show, your fav bits, everything. all to

Lifetime prefers feedback by snail mail and it must be by postcard. They are very, very firm about this. Stuff in envelopes will not be opened. Messages are best sent weekly telling about how much you loved that week's episode. And as a general rule, do not mention anything about cancelling the show. Don't give them any ideas. Just focus on the love, love, love.

Lifetime's address for those cards is Lifetime Television 309 W. 49th street New York, NY 10019

The email address was found by one fan but it is not confirmed as a good address for show feedback. Postcards still seem the way to go with Lifetime. Still doing both can't hurt.

LIFETIME HAS ADDED A FEEDBACK FORM. USE IT. A LOT. Also for those that aren't iTunes savvy or don't care to take up harddrive space they are streaming the eps now. many hits on those won't hurt our cause at all.

Also, register for their site and hit the forum. And many networks do track hits on their sites so get on and click like crazy. Especially Tanya's blog. Hit it and leave comments of love. She has connections to the producers since she is a creative consultant. You can bet she shares comments and such.

Go to the studio site for the show and do the same hitting everything. Heck the official opening credits (not used by Lifetime) is worth a visit. And email them at and send them some love for making the show.

Buy the show from iTunes

There has been talk that due to the lower potential audience because the show is on a cable network, they are watching iTunes downloads very closely. The show has been in the top 10 of sci-fi downloads every week, sometimes in two and three places. And in the top 20 of the general tv downloads. Raising those ranks and keeping them up during the hiatus will attract notice. Download links on on the episode list on the main page

The downloads are also a way to get folks caught up on the show. Encourage friends to buy the episodes or even 'gift' a few to them.

Tivo the show

Allegedly Tivo etc report recordings to the various networks. Now it could be that it's only the folks used by Nielsen and not the general population. But why risk it. Besides, the show is worth multiple viewings.

Post about the show on general TV and Sci-Fi/Fantasy forums

Talk it up on message boards etc. Just remember that there will be folks that disagree, don't like the show etc. Take the high road, do not argue with them, etc. Respect their right to a differing opinion. Getting up in folks faces just makes show fans look petty, immature and rude. And no one is going to do anything for someone they think is a jerk.

Along with chatting on the boards, if the site includes any kind of bookmarking, ranking etc do it (example

Places to go:

Email/Mail related magazines/websites

There's nothing like media coverage but we won't get it if A. folks don't know about the show and B. they aren't aware of the folks out there waiting to read stuff. So share the love and with luck, we'll make such an impression that they will be compelled to mention the show.

Places to hit:

  • Entertainment weekly. Email letters to You must include your full name, address and phone number. and keep it brief or you could find your love edited for length
  • TV guide: Email letters to Same rules as EW. Also email to cast a vote for the official site for their web hot list. Email cheers& to make a cheer to Lifetime for adapting the books into a kicking fun show to watch.
  • Amy the TV Gal. This sweet gal at zap2it is very pro fans supporting shows. so email her at and share the love

Encourage everyone you know that loves the show to jump in

Pretty self explanatory. This is definitely a case of the more the merrier. As much as a lot of love will get noticed, love from a lot of people gets noticed more.

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