• Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason as Mavis (Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason was Grumpy in Wizboy)
  • Marsha as Diesel (Marsha and Diesel are both Evil and Devious)

Voice Cast

  • Michael Angelis - Narrator, Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason and Marsha
  • George Carlin - Narrator, Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason and Marsha


  • Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason: Oz's Mom is an old fusspot and a ninny!, Oz's Mom says only public school students can manage homework!
  • Marsha: How absssssssurd!, Depend upon it, Kyle. Any thossssssse other Sssssstudents can do, We Red Haired Sssssstudents with Braces can do better.

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