Fanboy & Chum Chum/Finding Nemo is a parody with Fanboy & Chum Chum clips and Finding Nemo sounds and it will come out January 16, 2012 by DonaldDouglas910.


  • Chum Chum as Nemo
  • Fanboy as Marlin
  • Yo as Dory
  • Mr. Hank Mufflin as Gill
  • Oz as Bloat
  • Cher Leader as Peach
  • Michael Johnson as Gurgle
  • Nancy Pancy as Deb
  • Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason as Bubbles
  • Agent Johnson as Jacques
  • Yum Yum as Nigel
  • Stan-Arctria as Crush
  • Snap (from Chalkzone) as Squirt
  • The Global Warmer as Bruce
  • Lenny as Anchor
  • Boog as Chum
  • Double D (from Ed, Edd n Eddy) as Blenny the Worried Fish
  • Doc Hopper (from The Muppet Movie) as Dentist
  • Marsha as Darla Sherman
  • Francine as Barbara
  • Muk Muk as Coral
  • Noddy, Bumpy Dog and Tessie Bear (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures) as Sheldon, Tad and Pearl
  • Gordon, Edward and Henry (from TTTE) as Bob, Bill and Ted
  • Diesel 10 (from Thomas and the Magic Railroad) as Barracuda
  • Chinese Dragon (from Thomas and Friends) as Anglerfish
  • The Pig Natives (from Muppet Treasure Island) as The Seagulls
  • Ten Cents, Sunshine, Big Mac, Warrior, Hercules, Top Hat and OJ (from TUGS) as The Whale

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