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  • Yo as Lilo (Yo and Lilo are both Main Females and They are both Have Black Hair)
  • Fanboy as Stitch
  • Lupe as Nani
  • Duke as David
  • Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason as Agent Pleakley
  • Sigmund The Sorcerer as Jumba
  • Oz as Cobra Bubbles
  • Nurse Lady Pam as Grand Councilwoman
  • Boog Shlizetti as Gantu
  • Global Warmer as Dr. Jacques Von Hamsterviel (Global Warmer and Dr. Jacques Von Hamsterviel are both Voiced By Jeff Glen Bennett)
  • Marsha as Mertle Edmonds (Marsha and Mertle Edmonds are both Mean Redheads)

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