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  • Fanboy as Sonic
  • Chum Chum as Tails
  • Yo as Amy Rose
  • Lupe as Princess Sally
  • Nancy Pancy as Cream
  • Kyle The Conjurer as Antoine
  • Cher Leader as Blaze
  • Muk Muk as Bunnie Rabbot
  • Michael Johnson as Rotor
  • Duke as Espio
  • Agent Johnson as Uncle Chuck
  • Francine as Breezie
  • Sigmunds The Sorcerer as Shadow
  • Oz as Big The Cat
  • Mr Muffin as Knuckles
  • Lenny as Scratch
  • Boog as Grounder
  • Marsha as Rouge
  • Lunch Lady Cram as Mama Robotnik
  • Janitor Poopatine as Dr. Robotnik

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