• Fanboy as Mario
  • Kyle The Conjurer as Luigi
  • Chum Chum as Yoshi
  • Muk Muk as Birdo
  • Lavache as Queen Bee
  • Yo as Princess Peach
  • Sigmund The Sorcerer as King Bowser


  • Fanboy: Hey, Sigmund. You're a stubborn fellow. Won't you give up on Yo already?
  • Sigmund: Vell, I regret to inform you, zat's unacceptable. I'm her destiny, no doubt about it.
  • Yo: Won't the both of you stop it?, Just look at your faces in the mirror.
  • Fanboy and Sigmund: Well, you don't have to say such a thing, Kids compete with their heart!
  • Sigmund: Nice job!
  • Fanboy: Oh. Nice job!
  • Sigmund: Fanboy, how haff you been doing lately?
  • Fanboy: Doing excellent you know?, The DS and Wii stuff have all sold out!
  • Sigmund: Isn't zat nice?, No time to slow down!
  • Fanboy: Oh, cut it out, Sigmund!, Ah, the second verse is coming!
  • Sigmund: Mein sveetest Yo girl, I'm so in love in you. If you can't understand zat, I'll kidnap you und seal you up again.
  • Fanboy: I'll steal you back risking my life!, But I cannot steal your heart.
  • Yo: Cut it out the two of you. Are you listening to me at all?
  • Fanboy and Sigmund: The tsundere in you is charming and kids compete with their hearts!
  • Kyle: Wait a minute!, Aren't you forgetting someone?, Kyle!, Entering the stage!, Thanks for waiting!
  • Fanboy: Wait, Wait, Wait?, Excuse me?
  • Sigmund: KY!, KY!, Try to understand ze atmosphere here!
  • Fanboy: If you get carried away, I'll really kick the heck out of you!
  • Yo: One frosty freezy freeze drinker is enough for me. Quite insolent for a stand in.
  • Fanboy and Sigmund: By looks, we'd only pass as medium/low class.
  • Fanboy: Well, kids compete with their hearts.
  • Sigmund: Kids compete vith zeir hearts.
  • Yo: Please compete with your faces.
  • Sigmund: Ah, It's finally over.
  • Fanboy: I'm exhausted.
  • Sigmund: So, let's get ze night life rolling!
  • Fanboy: Ah, sorry, I have this and that to do.
  • Sigmund: Oh, I see. Next time introduce me to somevone nice!
  • Fanboy: Next time introduce me to someone nice!, Did you leave the MICS on?
  • Sigmund: Really?, Mein bad!

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