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  • Boog as Bulgy
  • Michael Johnson as Duck
  • Duke as Oliver
  • Dollar-Nator as Bertie (Cameo)

Voice Cast

  • George Carlin - Narrator, Michael Johnson, Duke and Boog


  • Boog: Stupid nonsense! I wouldn't have brought them if I'd known. I'd have had a breakdown or something.
  • Michael Johnson: I'm glad you didn't. You'd have spoiled their fun.
  • Duke: Boog's friend has come, man. He's rude too, dude! He's taking Boog's customers home, leaving Boog free to steal ours!
  • Michael Johnson: But he can't!
  • Duke: Boog says he can get them to Frosty Mart before us, dude!
  • Michael Johnson: Nonsense!, It's much further by road!
  • Duke: Yeah, dude!, But Boog says he knows a shortcut, man!

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