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  • Fanboy as Wallace (Fanboy and Wallace are both The Main Heroes)
  • Chum Chum as Gromit (Chum Chum and Gromit are both Sidekicks to Fanboy and Wallace)
  • Lupe as Wendolene Ramsbottom (Lupe and Wendolene Ramsbottom both have Brown Hair)
  • Yo as Lady Campanula Tottington (Yo and Lady Campanula Tottington are both Friendly, Sweet, Kind-Hearted, Cheerful and Beautiful Females)
  • Sigmund The Sorcerer as Victor Quartermaine (Sigmund The Sorcerer and Victor Quartermaine are both Snobbish, Refined, Uppity, Posh and Elegently Dressed Males)
  • Marsha as Piella Bakewell (Marsha and Piella Bakewell are both Evil, Cruel, Devious and Vengeful Villainesses)

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