• Fanboss (from Station Fan Club) as Homer Simpson
  • Dr. Cutiepie (from Station Fan Club) as Marge Simpson
  • Fanboy as Bart Simpson
  • Yo as Lisa Simpson
  • Sigmund The Sorcerer as Nelson Muntz
  • Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason as Milhouse Van Houten
  • Numbuh 5 as Janey Powell
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan as Uter Zorker (I Know Henrietta Von Marzipan is Female)
  • Lizzie Devine as Martin Prince (I Know Lizzie Devine is Female)
  • Numbuh 362 as Allison Taylor
  • Numbuh 3 and Mushi Sanban as Sherri and Terri
  • Michael Johnson as Lewis
  • Chum Chum as Ralph Wiggum
  • Cree Lincoln as Jessica Lovejoy
  • Boog Shlizetti as Jimbo Jones
  • Numbuh 1 as Moe Syslack
  • Numbuh 4 as Barney Gumble
  • Lenny Flynn-Boyle as Apu
  • Oz Harmounian as Comic Book Guy
  • Stickybeard as Sea Captain
  • Numbuh 86 as Groundskeeper Willie (I Know Numbuh 86 is Female)
  • Duke as Otto Mann
  • Mr. Hank Mufflin as Principal Skinner
  • Mrs. Thompson as Edna Krabappel
  • Madame LaVache/Ms. Olive as Elizabeth Hoover
  • Lunch Lady Cram as Lunchlady Doris
  • Numbuh 2 as Krusty The Clown
  • Lupe as Bumblebee Man (I Know Lupe is Female)
  • Delightful Children From Down The Lane as Mr. Burns (I Know The DCFDTL are Five Characters)
  • Laura Limpin as Mr. Waylon Smithers (I Know Laura Limpin is Female)
  • Marsha as Sideshow Bob (I Know Marsha is Female)

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