Fanboy Throws a Tantrum (A Fanboy & Chum Chum, Cyberchase, Jimmy Neutron and Cow & Chicken Crossover)

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  • Nattor: Fanboy Chum Chum Yo and Kyle go to Walmart we saw Cyberchase Lost My Marbles 2001 DVD Cyberchase Castleablanca 2001 DVD Cyberchase R-Fair City 2001 DVD Cyberchase Snow Day to Be Exact 2001 DVD
  • Fanboy: May I Have This Four DVD's Cyberchase
  • Sheen: It's a Phony
  • Jimmy: You Costs money
  • Nattor: We Can go Home
  • Digit: Watch Cyberchase 101 on
  • Fanboy: WAAAAAAAAA
  • Chum Chum: WAAAAAAAAA
  • Jackie: It's a Phony

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