,Bunnie Bunny,Her Best Friend Becky Skunk And Her Little Sister,Emily Bunny Were Just A Servant Working For Her StepFather And Her Two Stepsisters,Until All The Girls Of Animals City Were Invited For A Ball,And With The Help Of Her Skunk And Other Friends And With A Little Magic,She'll Find True Love Before Midnight!

We See A Book Entitled 'Bunnierella,' In The Top Of A Bunch Of Books; Three Of Them Entitled The Little Mer-Skunk,The Return Of Jeanette, And Bunnielan. Then,The Bunnierella Book Opens By Itself As Someone Off Screen Tells A Story, Once Upon A Time,In A Faraway Land, There Was A Tiny Kingdom, That Was Peaceful, Prosperous, And Rich In Romance And Tradition, Named Animal City. Here In A Stunning Chateau, Lived A Widowed Lady Bunny Named Mrs Bunny From Peter Rabbit,Her Beautiful Little Daughters,Bunnie And Emily Bunny, And Bunnie Bunny's Best Friend,Becky Skunk. The Next Page Reavealed A Bunny With Brown Fur, And Wearing Blue Dress And Apron. She Was Known To Everyone As Mrs Bunny, And A 7 Year Old Bunnie,Emily Bunny And Becky Skunk, Who Is Petting Minty As An Black And White Kitten Watches From A Fountain.Although Mrs Bunny Was A Kind And Devoted, And Gave Her Beloved Kids Every Luxury And Comfort, She Still Thought Her Kids Needed A Father's Care.We See Four Figures Looking Out The Two Via A Window.One Of Them Was A Man With Black Hair And White Or Tan Skin.He Wore Some Men Clothings.The Second Figure Was A Bunny That Had A Long Blonde Hair And Brown Eyes.She Was Wearing A Pink Dress,White Flats,Black Flats And A High Ponytail Covered Her Long Ears In Her Hair.The Third Figure Was A Fox That Had A Long Brown Hair And Blue Eyes.She Was Wearing A Flower Sundress,White Tights,Black Flats And Two Pigtails In Her Hair.The Last Figure Was A Female White Cat That Was Being Petted By Her Owned.She Was A White Cat With Brown Eyes. And So She Married Again,She Married A Human Named Dave Seville Who Had A White Cat Named Sawyer And Had Two Daughters Just Bunnie,Emily And Becky's Age, Their Names Were Bonnie Bunny And Sally Fox.In A Rainy Night,We See Bunnie,Emily And Becky Were Crying As Mrs Bunny Passed Away.Dave Seville And His Daughters Saw Her Passing,Until Dave Seville Smirked Evilly At Bunnie,Emily And Becky.It Was Upon Mrs Bunny's Death That Dave Seville However,The Stepfather Was Reavealed,Cold,Cruel And Bitterly Jealous Of Bunnie,Emily And Becky's Charm And Beauty,He Was Truly Decided To Follow The Interests Of His Daughters.Thus,As Time Goes By,The Chateau Offered To Disrepair,For The Family Fortunes Were Spoiled By The Vain And Selfish Step-Sisters,While Bunnie,Emily And Becky Were Abused,Humiliated,And Forced To Become Three Servants At Their House.However,Bunnie,Emily And Becky Remained Every Kind And Gentle,For Each Dawn They Believes That One Day The Girls' Dreams Will Come True.In A Small Mansion Three Birds Named Buttercup,Blossom And Bubbles Enter A Bedroom To Face A Small Bed.Bunnie! Wake Up! Buttercup Yelled To A Girl Bunny.The Girl Bunny,Bunnie Simply Turned Away From The Birds.Bunnie, Wake Up. Blossom Said,But Bunnie Just Yawned And Turned Away.What Are We Gonna Do? Buttercup Said Don't Worry I've Got A Plan Bubbles Said,You Two Go Inside The Pillow.Then,Buttercup And Blossom Nodded And Sneaked In Bunnie's Pillow,Only For Bunnie To Sneak Her Paw Out,Scaring Buttercup And Blossom.Bunnie,Come On We're Gonna Be_ Bubbles Said But Cut Off When Bunnie's Paw Approached Her.Bunnie Giggled And Sat On The Bed.She Was A Cream Bunny Girl With Brown Eyes,Long Blonde Hair In Two Braid,Wearing A Blue Nightgown And Now She's 9.

She Turned And See Her Sister And Her Best Friend.Emily Bunny Was A White Bunny With Blue Eyes,Short Brown Hair,Wearing A Pink Nightgown And Now She's 6.Becky Skunk Was A Black And White Skunk With Black Eyes,Short White Hair,Wearing A Yellow Nightgown And Now She's 9 Just Like Bunnie's Age.

During The Day,By The Window Of The Royal Castle,A Few Birds Watched Inside,But Without Warning,They Flew Out Quickly Because A Ruby Red Crown Was Thrown Out,Breaking The Window. My Three Sons

Bunnie's Dress Transformed Into A New Gown.She Wore A Light Blue Dress With No Sleeves,Her Hair Is In A Ponytail,Light Blue Gloves And On Her Feet Are Glass Slippers.Emily Bunny Wore A Puffy Sleeved Pink Dress With Red Cape Skirt,Lavender Belt And On Her Feet Are Pink High Heels And Becky Skunk Wore A Long Sleeved Yellow Dress And On Her Feet Are Yellow Slippers.

At The Castle,The Ball Goes On As Bugs Bunny Introduce The Maidens To Three Princes,Spencer Lionheart From The Lionhearts,Pepe Le Pew From Looney Tunes And Alvin Seville From Alvin And The Chipmunks,Three Young Mens.Prince Spencer Lionheart Had Short Red Hair,Black Eyes,Gray Nose,Yellow Fur,Lion Cub Tail.Appartently They Seemed Bored With This Whole Ball Thing. Brittany Miller Daughter Of Miss Miller

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