1. Chapter 1-Happy Birthday Periwinkle
  2. Chapter 2-Big Dream,Big Nightmare
  3. Chapter 3-Violet And The Beast-Violet And Pimpernelle Goes On A Quest.
  4. Chapter 4-Violet's Promise
  5. Chapter 5-Periwinkle And The Beauitful Girl Of His Dreams-During The Country Fair,Periwinkle Meets A Beauitful Girl Skunk Of His Dreams.Her Name Is Ella.Poor,Pimpernelle Is HeartBroken.
  6. Chapter 6:Paint Fun
  7. Chapter 7:Band!
  8. Chapter 8:Periwinkle Help Himself
  9. Chapter 9:Super Rabbit:The Movie
  10. Chapter 10:Bad Boy-Periwinkle Break Aunt Zinnia's Vase And Get In Trouble.
  11. Chapter 11:Sleepover
  12. Chapter 12:Periwinkle And Pimpernelle-Periwinkle Is The Role Of Romeo And Pimpernelle Is The Role Of Juliet.
  13. Chapter 13:Dear Diary-Pimpernelle Is Writing Her Diary
  14. Chapter 14:Valentine Day-It's Valentine Day,Periwinkle Is Giving Pimpernelle A Valentine Day Card
  15. Chapter 15:Poppy's Song
  16. Chapter 16:Periwinkle Loose His Voice-Periwinkle Loose His Voice During
  17. Chapter 17:Periwinkle Is Dead
  18. Chapter 18:Trouble Day-Periwinkle Has A Bad Day,
  19. Chapter 19:Periwinkle Is Lost
  20. Chapter 20:Periwinkle's Hair
  21. Chapter 21:Talk To Me Boys-Periwinkle,Poppy And Mistletoe Were Singers Rockstars And Pimpernelle,Pammy And Gamba Were Singing Girls.
  22. Chapter 22:My Girl
  23. Chapter 23:Prince Periwinkle And His Princess Pimpernelle-Periwinkle Is Exitced To Be A Prince For The Prince's Ball,But,His Siblings Don't Prove It So,He Will Be A Prince Someday.
  24. Chapter 24:Periwinkle Turns A Human-Periwinkle Has Turn Into A Human,The Kids Had Something to do/
  25. Chapter 25:Periwinkle Runs Away-Periwinkle,His Siblings And Group Ups Are Enjoying
  26. Chapter 26:Pimpernelle White And The Four Dwarfs-Papa Bramble Tells The Kids A Story About Snow White And The Four Dwarfs.In The Castle The Evil Queen Rabbit {Aunt Zinnia} Talks Her Magic Mirror And Who Is The Fairest One Of All And It Is Snow White,And Talks To His Huntsman To Kill Her!Meanwhile,Snow White {Pimpernelle} Is Living With The Four Dwarfs {Poppy,Violet,Mistletoe And Dandelion}.The Evil Queen Rabbit Is Give A Apple To Snow White And Fell In A Deep Sleep.Soon,Prince Charming {Periwinkle} Give A Kiss For The True Love For Snow White And Happily Ever After.
  27. Chapter 27:Pimpernelle's New Boyfriend
  28. Chapter 28:Periwinkle's Snowy Day-Periwinkle's Girlfriend,Pimpernelle Visit.
  29. Chapter 29:Periwinkle
  30. Chapter 30:Pimpernelle And The Beast-Pimpernelle's Parents Were Invited To A Party And Pimpernelle Was Not Invited,She Can't Go.When Poppy The Fairy God Bunny Appear,He Gave Pimpernelle A Dress,A Coach,Horses And Two CoachMen.Poppy Warned Pimpernelle Be Home By Midnight.
  31. Chapter 31:Love At The First Sight
  32. Chapter 32:
  33. Chapter 33:
  34. Chapter 34:

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