Tiny Toons Adventures In Love Story Baby Yo Say

Written By Alan Read And Lola Junior,Storyboard By William Jones And Danielle Joy And Directed By Tara Katherine

It Was Warm,Spring Day At Acme Looniversity,The Tiny Toons Were Inside Of The Classroom And Bugs Bunny Came In The Classroom.Good Afternoon,Class I'm Going To Show You A Good News,We're Going To Have A Teachers School Dance With All The Girls And Boys Pick A Boy Or Girl For The School Dance On Friday.As The Bell Ran And Gogo Dogo Popped Out Of The Clock.School's Out For Today,Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! The Tiny Toons Went Home After School.That Night,At The Acme Junkyard,Fifi La Fume Is Chossing Pepe Le Pew To Go To The School Dance,Fifi Was Lying On The Bed In Her Cadillac,Look In The Pepe Le Pew Picture And Hugged It.'Le Sigh,' Fifi Said To Herself.I Wish Someday Pepe Le Pew Will Coming And Go To School Dance With Me Fifi Said To Herself,Put On Her Sleepwear And Went To Bed.Fifi's Sleepwear Is A Strap Sleeved Pink NightGown With Pink Hearts On It.She Went To Sleep In The Evening.The Next Day,At Acme Looniversity,In The Cafeteria,Fifi,Babs,Shirley Were Arrvial At The Cafeteria And Having Lunch.So,Shirley Do You Want To Take Plucky Duck To School Dance? Babs Asked Shirley.Yes Shirley Told Her,Babs,Do You Want To Take Buster Bunny To The School Dance? Shirley Asked Babs.Yes Babs Told Her Then Babs Turned To Fifi.Fifi,Do You Want To Take Hamton To The School Dance? Babs Asked Fifi No,I Don't Want To Go With Hamton,I Want To Go With Pepe Le Pew Instead! Fifi Told Her.Oh,Okay Babs Said To Her.After They Ate Lunch,It Was Time To Go Home And Tiny Toons Went Home After School.That Night,At The Acme Junkyard

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