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In many Fantasiadramatica:Worlds, the humaniod looking fags are arranged according to Races. They are mostly inspired on Fantasiadramatica:real-life based humans stereotypes. Orcs as a (in)famous example, are the counterparts of black people (which also never leave its hood without a Fantasiadramatica:weapon, the light elves instead are designed after the fatassed blondy racsits (frenchs, americans). The Barbarians are most the mirror of the hedonistisch, often gayish germanes.


Fantasiadramatica:Orcs, the green Nigras

Fantasiadramatica:Humans, mostly normalos with tendencies of orcs or Vampires

Fantasiadramatica:Elves, would-a-like Elvis' with a flair for incest

Fantasiadramatica:Ogryns , altrough not as criminal nigraish, they are nothing nice and Fantasiadramatica:rapes also many as long as they working as Fantasiadramatica:mercenary for the highest bidder.

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