Mystro nightmare command (Kirby right back at ya)

the nutcracker Spring fairy angel dog (all dogs go to haven)

Mushrooms goombas (super Mario bros)

Flowers lovely (Kirby right back at ya)

Fishes cheep cheeps (super Mario bros)

Winter faries meerkats (the lion king)

Soilders team rocket (pokemon)

Mice waddle dees (Kirby right back at ya)

Ballet girl ms piggy (the muppets)

The sorcoer appernece

Yen Sid James (pokemon)

Mickey mouse stewiwe griffin (family guy)

Magic brooms mob of itchys (itchy and scratchy

Rite of spring

Tyranosauras bowser (super Mario bros)

Stegosaurs snorky (the banana splits)

Triceratops count Von ount (sesame street)

Paraphous fuzzy lumpiks (the powerpuff girls)

Diplolacus Ernie the giant chicken(family guy)

Dimantodon marlin (finding nemo)

Other of dinosaurs others of cartoon characters

Fanasty land

Baccus chuck (pokemon)

Jaccas blanky (the brave little toaster)

Adult pagaes chef and ms. Cartmen (south park)

Baby unicorns 4th grade kids (south park)

Horse man Cartmen and friends (south park)

Theoror thunder (teen titans)

Lighter lightling (teen titans)

Iris daisy (Mario)

Dance of the hours

Ben alligator Ben tension (Ben 10)

Hippo happy gewn (Ben 10)

Otrsritch dance care bears

Elephante smurfs

Night on bald mountain

Charnobog mephitis (sonic 2006)

Goons ghosts (luigi's mansion)


1 intro 2 nutcracker 3 sorcer appernece 4 rite of spring 5 fanasty land 6 dance of the hours 7 night on bald mountain 8 credits

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