In Alosian myths, Faray is the Goddess of the Fire and the Pleasure. She is very benevolent, bringing marvelous blessings to Alosian. Her cult is performed by chaste girls, and she is represented as a playful child with large hairs of flames and a cup of milk, pouring it as blessing over the alosians.

The first woman

It is told the first alosian mortal was a girl who was born from the breasts of this goddess when a drop of her ardent golden milk fell in the fertile soil. This first girl was named Ortah. She was destined to be an immortal child, consecrated to the cult to her mother, but after twelve years. But she did not want to remain all her life adorating her mother, and she wanted to have adventures in the young land of Alosia, leaving her divine home. Faray let her to leave the divine home, but she put a limit to her life in Alosia, saying "You will remain here only during fourty years. After that time, you will come back to be my little daughter and to perform my cult. I will let you to have a husband and children to be your companions in those lands". So Ortah stopped being a divine girl to become a mortal, a Faray transformed a fertile deer into a handsome man, and he married the beautiful Ortah. They have twelve children, and they all have a very good life in Alosia.

The Death

When the fourty years ended, the mortal Faray died, and she came back to her mother. Soon she discovered her children were dying after many years, when their bodies become old and unfertile. Ortah explained they have inherited the fourty-years limit to their lives, but, as they were not gods, after that age they all will begin to get older and die. Ortah was very sad, and she asked her mother for letting her to transform alosians into very adorned flowers after their death, to grant them a beautiful after-life as adornments of Nature, and Faray accepted it. Ortah became the Goddess of Death, represented as a girl sowing flowers into the hearts of the dying people.

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