1. Cindy Cow Is The Main Character Of The Series.Cindy Cow is a 13 Year Old Pink Cow.She Had Long Brown Hair & Blue Eyes.She Wears Rose Starp Sleeves Shirt,Light Pink Skirt & Dark Blue Vest.She Has A Crush On Alan Buffalo.She is The Daughter Of Miss Cow.She Voiced By Katherine Soucie
  2. Polly Pig Is Cindy Cow's First Best Friend.She Is Light Blue Pig With Short Blonde Hair,Green Eyes,Long Snout & More.She Is 5 Year Old Light Blue Pig.She Voiced By Samantha Bailey
  3. Sally Sheep Is Cindy Cow's Second Best Friend.She is 10 Year Old Sheep.She Voiced By Mary-Kate Olsen.
  4. Alex Donkey
  5. Alan Buffalo
  6. Lily Llama
  7. Dolly Dog
  8. Catherine Cat Is Cindy's Friend.Catherine Cat Is a 9 Year Old Cream And White Cat.She Had Long Blonde Hair & Brown Eyes.She Wears White Puff Sleeved Spring Green Dress,White Tights,Black Flats,Aqua Legwarmers And Mint Bow Around Her Tail.She Voiced By Sierra Boggess.
  9. Katherine Chicken
  10. Amy Duck
  11. Thressa Turkey
  12. Ella Emu
  13. Hannah Horse
  14. Lola Rabbit Is Catherine Cat's Best Friend.Lola Rabbit Is a
  15. Kathy Camel
  16. Gloria Goat
  17. Bella Bear
  18. Olivia Owl
  19. Pepe Skunk Is 11 Year Old Black & White Skunk.He has His Older Cousin,Pepe Le Pew From Looney Tunes.
  20. Marissa Beaver
  21. Laura Fox
  22. Robert Raccoon
  23. Marie Chipmunk
  24. Princess Squirrel Is Pepe's Girlfriend.
  25. Emily Eagle
  26. Violet Porcupine
  27. Angelina Hedgehog
  28. Molly Moose
  29. Daniel Mountain Goat

Farm Animals & Forest Animals Friends' Fairy Tales And Stories

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