On the fourth day of the Rice Camp, the participants together with Ms. Ria Dimapilis,VIS; Dr. Kwanchai Gomez,Executive Director Asiarice Foundation; Ms. Sripen Meno, interpreter for Thais; Mr. Rodrigo Nonog, Assistant Professor and guide of Filipino participants and Ms. Annabele dela Vega, Agriculture teacher, also a guide,the students went in GRC Facilities and field and at Seed Health Unit to visit.
In the morning, the staff of GRC taught them the seed sorting and seed packing. Whereas, the participants enjoyed their time. Also, they showed the Gene Bank which is so very cold with -20 degrees centigrade.  Then after that, Filipinos tried to pack the seeds in cans. 
At 1:30 in the afternoon, they visited the Seed Health Unit to familiarize with the principles and practices of seed health testing and to have hands on experience in the identifications of rice seed borne pathogens also to have inform about some methods in preventing it. They let them observe some pathogens and fungi thru microscopes. They gave hands on practices in seed inspection and identification of seed borne fungi.

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