Farmer McColl in CGi

Farmer McColl is a fictional character who lives on a farm on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. He lives and works on a farm in the countryside, and has plenty of animals, including Cows, Chickens, Sheep and pigs. But sometimes when there's bad weather on the island, he needs help from engines to keep his animals safe and healthy. Engines like Toby the Tram Engine, Emily and Trevor the Traction Engine have all helped Farmer McColl is some way for his animals. Once, Thomas the Tank Engine left a bunch of schoolchildren at his farm, and they learnt all about the animals, and were very happy.

Farmer McColl was introduced in Season 6, and has made other appearances in the later episodes. He last appeared in Season 10, his farm having gone bust.

Date of Birth

  • October 16, 1981

Date of Death

  • August 15, 2011 (aged 29)


Farmer McColl's theme is The Season 1 Farm theme, Which he Shares with Lord Callan



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