The Farn are sentient insectoid species. There are two main sub-species of Farn: those with lungs and those without lungs. The Farn are stocky insect-like humanoids covered in a chitinous exoskeleton and could see in the ultraviolet spectrum. They possessed large, bug-like eyes and only three fingers on each hand. The subspecies that didn't have lungs did not respire, as they obtained all the metabolic ingredients they need through the ingestion of their food. Natively, they spoke Farn, but to speak with other beings they required the aid of a muscular gas bladder that allowed them to, among other things, draw in gases and expel them at a controlled rate through pieces of their exoskeleton that vibrated to approximate speech. These Farn also made use of translator vocoders to compensate for their lack of vocal cords.

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