b. 2188 CE d. 2235 CE; Secretary General of the United Nations (2230 – 2235 CE). Faisal was assassinated in a floater explosion, June 26, 2235 CE. A member of the royal house of Saudi Arabia, Faisal was a second cousin of the King. His most famous or infamous act was that of casting the tie-breaking and deciding vote in the Council of Unity decision of 2233 CE to force the South into receivership after the Information Plague of 2229 CE with its massive systems dislocations. The southern hemisphere branded his decision to side with the North the “greatest betrayal since Judas kissed Jesus in the Garden”. To the North, his act was one of courage and foresight: “The act of a true statesman”. The commitment and donation of nearly thirty percent of the gross domestic product of the North to fund UN projects probably was the deciding factor for Faisal. Secretary General-designate Sanchez memorialized Faisal in his speech to the joint session of the UN.

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