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This is a new Wiki about Fascism. Fascism is an political system and on the right site, on the left is the communism. We had Fascism in Europe, the biggest fascist state was Germany between 1933 and 1945, under Hitler. Another fascist state was in Italy between 1922 and 1943 under Mussolini. But we had a few other fascist states at this time in Europe.

Fascism is a very radical political system. What have parts from anti-communism and nationalism and a few other poltical senses.

How a state becomes Fascist

This normally only happens if there are a few things "wrong" in the country. Because the normal middle-class would normaly vote for a centrist party. But if something goes wrong, or if the unemployment rate is very high, the people want "survive", this means they want to get a job and enough money to buy food and other vital things. But a fast change and a fast help by major problems, can only promised by extrem parties like communism oder fascism. Because you must change a lot to get a fast change by major problems, like the unemployment rate.

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