• Toula as Cow
  • Pauly Falzoni as Chicken
  • Lifesaver Les as Red Guy
  • Habib as Flem
  • Rocky as Earl
  • Jan Smith as Mom
  • Jim Smith as Dad
  • Sleek the Elite as I.M. Weasel
  • Davo Dinkum as I.R. Baboon
  • Shazza as Teacher
  • Katrina as Loulabelle
  • DJBJ as Cousin Boneless Chicken
  • Claudia McPherson as Judge
  • Large Lady as Penny
  • Chong Fat as Piles the Beaver Doll
  • Junior as Manure the Bear
  • Murray the Cop as Gym Coach
  • Kev the Kiwi as Crabs the Warthog

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