• Pauly Falzoni as Tommy Oliver
  • Rocky as Jason Lee Scott
  • Lin Chow Bang as Trini Kwan
  • Kev the Kiwi as Zack Taylor
  • Pauly's Girlfriend 'from Cult Pizza' as Kimberly Hart
  • Davo Dinkum as Billy Crantson
  • DJBJ as Adam Park
  • Ruby as Aisha Campbell
  • Sleek the Elite as Rocky DeSantos
  • Melissa Schembry (from Swift and Shift Couirers) as Katherine Hillard
  • Prime Minster John Howard as Zordon
  • Chong Fat as Alpha 5
  • Cab Driver as Ninjor
  • Aussie Pub Guy as Bulk
  • Les Fergouson as Skull
  • Bobo Gigliotti as Ernie
  • Junior as Richie
  • Leonard as Curtis
  • Murray the Cop as Lt. Stone
  • Large Lady as Angela
  • Phone Lady as Miss Appleby
  • Keith Warne (from Swift and Shift Couriers) as Mr. Caplan
  • Claudia McPherson as Rita Repulsa
  • Bikie Leader as Lord Zedd
  • Jim Smith as Goldar
  • Chantelle as Scorpina
  • Old Digger as Finster
  • Wheelchair guy as Squatt
  • Ronnie McDoggle (from Freaky Pizza) as Baboo
  • Lifesaver Les as Rito Revolto
  • Tony Fat as Master Vile
  • Stooge Teacher as Lokar
  • Ronnie McDoggle clowns as Putty Patrollers, Z Putty Patrollers & Tenga Warriors.

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