• Pauly Falzoni as Tommy
  • Melissa (from Swift and Shift Couriers) as Katherine
  • DJBJ as Adam
  • Toula as Tanya
  • Davo Dinkum as Justin
  • Kev the Kiwi as T.J
  • Habib as Carlos
  • Lin Chow Bang as Cassie
  • Ruby as Ashley
  • Bobo's Mama as Dimitria
  • Junior as Alpha 6
  • Bobo Gigliotti as Phantom Ranger
  • Murray the Cop as Blue Senturion
  • Aussie Pub Guy as Bulk
  • Les Ferguson as Skull
  • News Reporter (from Beach Pizza) as Lt. Stone
  • Shazza as Divatox
  • Dazza as Rygog
  • Junkie (from Freaky Pizza) as Elgar
  • Old Digger as Porto
  • Lifesaver Les as General Hovac
  • Ronnie McDoggle clowns as Piranhatrons

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