Faulty Whistles is a Potential Plotlines episode.


Henry is delivering some goods, but on the way home his whistle is knocked off by a branch. Gordon laughs and sets off with his goods. When he passes Terence in a field he prepares to give him a surprise by tooting his whistle, but it simply flies off into the field. Luckily, one of Gordon's items to transport is an organ destined for Strawberry Grove School, and Headmaster Hastings plays the organ when Gordon should whistle. Gordon reaches home safely, and is able to make good humour with the others.

Featured characters

  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Elizabeth


  • Narrated by Pierce Brosnan.

Featured music

  • Henry's Season 4 Theme.
  • The Horrid Lorries Season 4-6 Theme.
  • Useful Engines Theme.


  • When Elizabeth is carrying the bull her eyes look wonky.
  • For the first shot of the camera "pulling" Gordon, at the bottom of the screen a wire is bouncing up and down.
  • The organ should have been properly secured to ensure it wouldn't fall off at a bend.
  • The scene in which Henry pulls his freight cars to Gordon is the same as the scene where Gordon pulls the freight cars. This doesn't make any sense.
  • When all the engines whistling, James has his Season 4 whistle sound.


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