Favourite villains, The evilness of them all

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Magic mirrior on the wall, Who are the evilness of them all?

My top 26 favorite villains are:

1. Hades 2. The Horned King 3. Frollo 4. Jafar 5. Clayton 6. Ursula 7. Shan-Yu 8. Ratigan 9. Gaston 10. Ratcliffe 11. Cruella De Vil 12. Scar 13. McLeach 14. Sykes 15. Yzma 16. Captain Hook 17. Maleficent 18. Wicked Queen 19. Shere Khan 20. Madame Medusa 21 Thumper The Grasshopper 22 Myotismon 23 Gothmog

21. Texas pete

22. Razoul

23. Napoeon 24. Dr. Facilier

25. Stromboli

26. The wicked witch

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