Due to the Wikia limitations, fawful_X is the real title of this article.

So, you may be wondering who I am. Well, I am a domestic troll. But more on that later.

In around 2008, I discovered GFAQs while searching for Wario World 4 secrets, though my memory is a little hazy and can't be trusted. Still, I was too young to make an account, being only 12.

In around 2009, I made my account on GameFAQs. I never knew how to make a review or FAQ, and only made it for the fact that I wanted to post on the message boards, but at that time, all I knew of was the game message boards. The first one that insprired me to make my account was the Majora's Mask board, back when I was feeling lazy.

However, in 2010, I discovered the social boards, a place where less rules than I was used to. I first found Random Insanity, then went to EotW and EP. However, based on my history, my behavior was considered that of a troll.

Back before I discovered GFAQs, I only knew of a few select sites, some being the Cartoon Network site, the Nickelodeon site, and Neopets. Then, while browsing the boards on the Ratchet & Clank boards on the Playstation site, I discovered Youtube. I believe I was around 11 at the time, yet I never made an account, and that stands to this very day. Through Youtube, I found ROBLOX. There, I created my account that still stands, called finalchaser, and just hung around there. Later, I would have found GFAQs, but the extra year I had to spend before getting an account made me unfamilier to the world of forums.

I was called a troll/tomato, and was shunned. I returned in late 2010, with better social skills after staying at Kongregate and Newgrounds (In case you're wondering, my account at Kongregate is blakzer (I started as Dark_Arrow_X, but was hacked) and my account at Newgrounds is Blakz). But still, beneath that appearance of a new man, I was a complete troll.

Other facts

I routinly stay on Kongregate, Newgrounds, and GameFAQs, but I would be seen on Youtube if I had a Youtube account. I at LEAST stalk the Pokemon Black game board, the EVERYBODY PANIC social board, and the Cartoons and Animation Special Interest board. I am sometimes spotted at other boards, but I make at least one visit to my regular haunts.

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