In the Longest Thread Ever, Fawn-Lowen Margas wass one of Lowe Margas's children. Her claim to fame is that she was the first intentional Seachi Lowe birthed (Samantha was unintentionally made a Seachi).


Fawn-Lowen is a Pikacheek (Pikachu/Kacheek hybrid), and at a glance can be mistaken for a Kacheek with an Electric paint job. However, where Pikacheeks and Electric Kacheeks normally have pale blue stripes, Fawn's were pink and bioluminescent.

History in L.T.E.

Fawn-Lowen had featured heavily in the Longest Thread Ever as Lowe's daughter. She has had her fair share of events.

Fawn was laid by Lowe's Pikachu form in Year 24 (Neopian calendar, 2023 Earth Calendar) as an egg, hatching a few months later, on June 16. Since then, she has veen very close to Lowe.

She was one of the Seachis involved in Jeremy's One-Night Stand, getting three half-Lutari off of him.


Fawn's psyche resembled a round, white room, with the crystal ball situated in the middle and Soul Room doors surrounding it every which way. The room changed color with the body's mood. The entrance to the Archive and Prayer Room was by Fawn's Soul Room.


As a Seachi, Fawn-Lowen's natural form was that of a Pikacheek.

Her other forms were:

  • Xweetok (male, Soulmate)
  • Bori (male)
  • Human (female)
  • Lutari (female)
  • Wobbuffet (male)
  • Yurble (male)
  • Nidoqueen
  • Uni (female)
  • Ruki (female)
  • Skeith (male)
  • Shoyru (one of each gender)
  • Yoshi (hermaphroditic)
  • Serendipity Dragon (male)
  • Skeith (male)
  • Usul (male)
  • Eyrie (male)
  • Scorchio (female)
  • Hissi (female)
  • Kangaskhan
  • Heracross (male)
  • Exeggcute (male)

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