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Welcome to the world of Fazia, weary traveler! Fazia is a very unique fantasy world, because it has no history, no future, and no present either. Or, at least, it doesn't until you decide it does. Fazia is your world, your outlet for your imagination.


  • What Exactly is Fazia?
Well, to put it simply, it's a construction site. It has some simple foundations, but the whole idea is that you are supposed to build onto these foundations and create a bustling, exciting alternate world. Create Landscapes, Races, Wars, Alliances, anything!
  • Why does the Map look strangely like Poland?
Because it is Poland.
  • Couldn't I just edit something and mess up an elaborate historical timeline another user had created?
You could, if you wanted to be an *ahem* asshole. Fazia observes a number of rules and guidelines, be sure to read them here.

Getting Started

Fazias editors kindly ask that you read over The Rules before you begin editing anything.

Before you start making anything too crazy, Fazia needs some things done before it can become a functional world.



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